Monday, September 26, 2011
Marketless Monday

Today I am going to just eat off the land. We eat lots every day that we pick but always mix in some store-bought goodies like eggs, salmon, crackers, garlic, chia seeds, and chocolate. So it’s a little push to be just eating what’s here, especially on the protein front, as our chickens haven’t started laying yet (although I plan to check soon… any day… could be today!). (Nick suggested he could plant an egg in their roost but that would absolutely be cheating.) Some of the greens are high protein though, the chaya and katuk, and the Okinawa spinach is very high in good stuff. Found this link while looking to see if the spinach has protein:
We have most of those foods growing, just not nuts, but do have peanuts, which I am boiling right now.

Here’s my diet as the day goes:

Smoothie: frozen apple bananas, 2 types of lilikoi, blueberries, poha; fresh turmeric, cane syrup and lemon (this was more like a slurpie with all the frozen ingredients, and was really delicious).

Snack: avocado with lemon

Lunch: Fantastic salad! Started off thinking I was making a green papaya salad but added so many different things it became something else. To the grated green and also ripe papaya I added grated daikon radish, arugula, basil, katuk, avocado, peanuts, garlic chives, scallion, mint, mild green pepper, dried hot red pepper, and squeeze of lemon. The peanuts did have salt from salting the water while boiling them. Also although I didn’t add any purchased oil or vinegar, I did soak the greens in apple cider vinegar as the going precaution against rat lung disease, not officially sanctioned but the theory is it loosens slug slime and then you rinse it off (so appetizing!).

Snack: 2 apple-bananas and some peanuts (after swimming in waterfall pool)

More peanuts and avocado at 6:30 waiting for taro to cook… I should have started it earlier, was very hungry by 7:30.
Dinner: Steamed yard long beans and a few bush beans, a few carrots, and Okinawa spinach with lemon, salt and cane syrup; boiled and mashed taro with coconut oil (cheat), salt (cheat), and cane syrup – this last was very satisfying.