Fifth Marketless Monday, October 24th 2011

Began the day cruising around for the morning smoothie.  Found a whole  bunch of fuzzy, ripe, plump blueberry guava.

These are nothing like the tree guava…  Have to find out their Latin name.  The taste:  a dark purple wild berry, grainy – not as sweet as blackberries, not as tart as blueberries.

I took off the dry bract part of the berry before putting it in blender, but this may not even be necessary.  In the pic above I have peeled one just to show you the texture.

Made the smoothie a beautiful purple!  I bet they are super rich in antioxidants and all those good things that come with deep color. We need to plant lots more of these beautiful bushes.

Also used a purple lilikoi, lemon, papaya, Jamaican lilikoi, cane juice, frozen bananas.

While gathering smoothie supplies I picked some mamaki leaves to try tea.  It was delicious and easy, just boiled a few fresh leaves.

Prepping foods for later in the day, I munched on fresh coconut as I cut the flesh out of three types – this one is pretty young, the flesh scoops out very easily.

I cut an older coconut with thicker, dryer meat and put it in the oven to dry for coconut flakes and flour. The older meat can also be used for boiling and separating out the oil. I also blended some up from a third coconut for milk and to freeze.

Another good treat was dried jack fruit from last week, which is delicious.  I dried it simply by layering on cookie sheets and keeping in the propane oven, which has a pilot light (until it runs out…), turning every day or so with a tongs until they are still chewy but not sticky all over.  A few times when I baked things I took the drying jack fruit out, and then put it back in while the oven was cooling but still fairly hot.  So this is how they looked after a week of that.

Learned two things about jack fruit – (1) not to eat too much, of the fruit I believe, either that or the seeds gave me the runs the next day.  (2) The seeds will get moldy, even if roasted, if left in a jar on the counter for a week :(.

Lunch was variation on the papaya salad theme… grated papaya, daikon, and yakon with green onion, hot pepper, lemon, arugula, basil and mint.  Since I have no ripe avocado – checked our three trees, and the ones we gathered from the old highway down at the base of our hill are still too hard –  no more peanuts, and no jackfruit seed (which I had been kinda counting on), I cheated and used some olive oil.  NEXT time I will make coconut oil.

Dinner was, again, a stir-fry… really I am not being very creative with the recipes… first boiled taro, which was from a farm we visited Saturday, I believe this was the one he said was a tissue cross between Lehua maoli and ale ale (makes purple poi); added it to grated turmeric, sliced leek (a garden first!), peppers hot and mild, eggplant (another garden first but had been bitten by fruit flies and had several large worms, so I had to pick them very young, still, so delish), yakon, and of course the lovely creamy coconut milk.

Final picture: Hawaiian hot pepper bush.  One of three I planted from seed last November.  We have no shortage of heat for our food!