There are 4 foods in this picture that I ate today. Can you find the hidden food? You can click on the picture to enlarge.

I was concerned today that I wouldn’t have food, because I didn’t have much prepared, but I did just fine. I used coconut oil and salt that weren’t from the land.  Late morning I rambled around the property visiting others here and asking if anyone had any food to exchange for a tea mixture I had just picked.  This resulted in peanuts, thimbleberries, already-harvested taro, and a persimmon!  The berries went into the freezer, and the persimmon will sit and ripen for a week.

Breakfast:  Sauted banana in coconut oil.  Sweet as candy.  Tea of fresh mamake leaves, mint (a kind that grows on a huge bush), and lemongrass.  Smoothie of a papaya (yeah, a ripe one!), lemon, lilikoi, blueberries, banana, cane juice.

Lunch:  Air potato salad with yard-long beans and basil, held together with a delicious, ripe avocado, lemon and salt.  And hot pepper.

Snack: Ice cream bean… dried jackfruit… coconut crunchy stuff from when I made the coconut oil… tastes of the cane juice we are cooking down on the stove all day.

Dinner: Taro patties, with coconut flour, hot pepper, basil, bunching onion greens, coated in coconut flakes and sauteed in coconut oil; stir-fry of edible hibiscus leaves, Okinawan spinach, kale, tsoi sim, OH I FORGOT TO USE THE EGGPLANT! … garlic chives, lots of yakon, and peanuts!  And salt and hot pepper (on everything, always).   I prepared the coconut flour and flakes from dried coconut meat weeks ago, and still had some in the freezer.  They held the taro patties together excellently, no need for an egg, although I bet that would make the patties lighter and tastier.  IF the chickens ever will lay!

Air potatoes taste a lot like ground potatoes

Answers to hidden food photo quiz:

Ripe bananas! TIme to chop them down. See the huge banana flower on the left?

Air potato. This one is little, but a huge one had dropped on the ground, just for me to find on my foraging.

Purple sugar cane.

Jamaican lilikoi flower. None are ripe just now, but I did have regular lilikoi from a different vine.