Last week we made poi with a large amount of taro that needed to be used, having been harvested from the garden several weeks ago.  The process, described to me by Bear, is as follows.

A freshly harvested taro corm. You cut it off just under the first row of eyes and replant the top, after (rudely) stripping it of all but the newest growing leaf and any old roots. The part you eat is below, but you have to get all those roots and dirt off first.

1) Wash and peel the taro.

2) Chop it up into strips.

3) Cook for several hours, changing the water once, to break down the calcium oxalate that otherwise would make your throat itchy.  Drain and let it cool for easier handling.

Making poi with one hand, taking a photo with the other. We used around 25 corms.

4) Feed the strips into a Champion Juicer.  So glad we were able to borrow Bear and Joy’s juicer; this process would have been riDIculous with the Vitamix, all that scraping out and smashing down.  Maybe it would work with a smaller quantity, and with water added.  We didn’t add extra water, although people who prefer a thinner poi would add water at this stage.  Poi is called one- or two- or three-finger, based on how many fingers it takes to scoop it up and eat.

5) Place the bowl of poi in the fridge with a cloth covering it.  Traditionally it is left out to ferment and get sour.  It will still get sour in the fridge, but not as fast.

Eating it a week later it wasn’t sour at all and we are loving it with coconut milk, cane syrup, and dried coconut flakes.

For the record, today I am eating/have eaten…

Cuban red bananas

Breakfast – 2 lovely fresh eggs with fried Cuban red bananas, mamake tea.

Smoothie – bananas, lilikoi, lemon, blueberries, blueberry guava, cane syrup

Lunch – taro chips with guacamole (avocado, lime, hot pepper) and the previously mentioned dessert of poi with coconut milk, cane syrup and dried coconut flakes.

Dinner – ?? hasn’t happened yet… but planning to steam a large sweet potato found in an old garden bed yesterday, and stir-fry some greens.  Maybe another egg or, I could make crepes – coconut flour, coconut milk and eggs!  Really, this is getting so easy now, NBD.