Bananas and umbrellas, ways of life... Banana leaves also make a great impromptu umbrella!

Monday has come and gone and again, the news is, it was no big deal!  Let’s see, what did I eat… fried eggs and Cuban red bananas for breakfast, a fruit smoothie with the usual, some poi with coconut flakes for lunch, and some major cheats… I was in town for an unexpected 6 hours and had a local tangerine for a snack AND a coffee at our home-away-from-home health food store (where we meet friends and socialize, and also spend a lot of money).  Dinner was thrown together late, foraging in the muddy garden at dusk, but was delicious – taro burger with basil, spring onion, cilantro, hot pepper, coconut flakes, and eggs, with baked kale and other greens, and then snacked on jack fruit seeds I had in the freezer.

Here’s a list of foods we do not have to purchase, or at least haven’t had to for several months:

  • aloe (for burns)
  • arugula
  • avocados
  • bananas
  • basil
  • blue corn
  • blueberries
  • cilantro
  • coconuts
  • comfrey (for soreness)
  • daikon radish
  • edible hibiscus
  • green onions
  • hot peppers (Hawaiian bush)
  • jackfruit
  • jalapenos
  • kale
  • katuk
  • lemongrass
  • lemons
  • lilikoi (3 kinds)
  • limes
  • lychee
  • mamake
  • mint (2 kinds, for salads and bush for tea)
  • mulberries
  • oregano
  • parsley
  • peanuts
  • poha berries
  • rosemary
  • spinach (Okinawan)
  • sugar cane
  • taro (leaves and corm)
  • tsoi sim, tat tsoi
  • turnips
  • wild raspberry/thimbleberry
  • yard-long beans

We are getting there on many others, such as sweet potatoes, papayas, and eggs – up to 5 a day now, even these short, rainy days of the year! – but do not have a steady enough supply.  Also, some of these items (such as avocados and kale) are not enough for how much some people eat.