(Written January 8 but posted April 4th… thought I would post this ramble even though it’s just a musing)

I’m off schedule – missed writing last week, and today is Sunday, but I just have to say, what a beautiful day.  Just finished working in the garden, the every-Sunday morning community garden work party, and it was just, so, fine.  Dave was digging out wainaku, but feeling that it wasn’t hopeless (or so he said at the time).  Simba and Nia dug and sifted mulch and soil from a huge mound of composted shrubs and grass Dan had piled by the driveway, in their mellow way.   Inoch put the mulch around the pepper bushes.  Shama worked through a heap of banana leaves and sticks so they wouldn’t become a grass-growing heap.  Joy and Camas and I weeded and put mulch around plants.  Bear was weed-eating an area nearby.  We all chatted and caught up.

Inoch and Dave opened coconuts and we each had one or even two delicious sweet coconuts to drink.

The sun was shining, with a light breeze, and a few clouds.

The chickens clucked and crowed, and ran over to pick through the garden clippings and weeds we tossed their way, and the opened coconuts we brought them.

The garden is in very good shape, with lots of harvestable kale, sorrel, mustard, turnips, tsoi sim, pac choi, and radishes and several beds ready for more planting.  We’ve been eating significantly from the land every day, at least once a day having a heap of steamed annual or perennial greens (mostly the edible hibiscus and Okinawan spinach), sometimes in a quiche, or on a pizza, or in chili.  Been eating very much lower on the food chain since the rooster execution.