Harvest of perennial vegetables

Harvest of perennial vegetables

Although I am not proud of it, I am a Facebook user.  I can justify it all I want, but, as you can tell, I feel guilty about it, because I spend time FBing instead of reading or doing more valuable things with my time.  Anyway, that said, this week I saw a post on the GMO-Free Hawaii site by Lauryn Rego inviting people to join her in an “Eat Local Challenge” during the week of September 29 through October 5th.  I decided to join in.

This all-local week will give us another push away from imported food.  As I mentioned in a post a few months ago, I gradually stopped using Monday as a day to eat strictly from the farm, partly because we have a local foodshare that allows us to get so many good foods from our wonderful neighboring farmers that it felt less critical to “do it all” ourselves.  Yet even while we support local farmers, there are plenty of items we wind up picking up at the store. Our main reliance on imports is for oils, cereal, rice, chips, rice flour and other baking flours and powders, oats, lentils.

To prepare for next week, I’m going to try to think of several days’ meals and see what I need to prepare ahead or purchase.

We have:  plenty of eggs, greens, fruit, taro and sweet potatoes.   If we want something like a waffle or crepe, which would be fun to try, I need to try making flour from cassava, breadfruit, taro, coconut…

We have local chicken in our freezer and several roosters that need to be harvested (sadly).

Sun, Mon – Chicken, purple sweet potatoes, steamed greens – for two nights, and make chicken stock with bones.

Tues – Kabota squash soup with chicken stock, greens, lemongrass, turmeric, etc.  Can add watercress, kale, bok choy etc etc.

Weds – Taro patties, green beans or other local veggies.

Taro patties

We’ll be having lots of these (taro patties).

Thurs – Quiche with local goat feta, in a crust of sweet potato/mac nuts/flours.

Fri, Sat –    Slow cook local beef with taro, daikon, herbs.  Local foods potluck on Saturday!


To do –

*Harvest some cassava to make fritters, also tapioca flour and starch.

*Stock up on coconut milk, flakes and flour.

*Harvest taro and cook some up and make poi.

*Shopping list (at store or farmer’s market) – macadamia nut oil, breadfruit (try frying it like toast, as Linda was saying at market yesterday), local chips, mac nuts, plantains (or maybe neighbor has extra).

Next week I will get local milk from a farmer friend, and make yogurt and kefir.  We plan to exchange – he needs a  kombucha mother and I need kefir grains!  As according to state law, however, I will have to drink all the milk/yogurt/kefir on the neighbor’s farm.  (Hmmm, that will be awkward, showing up for breakfast and dessert.)  A law introduced last year would allow raw milk sales – looks like it was referred to the Agriculture Committee and not dealt with during 2013?  Anyone know more about this than me?  See http://legiscan.com/HI/bill/SB364/2013  and http://www.capitol.hawaii.gov/measure_indiv.aspx?billtype=SB&billnumber=364&year=2013

Turmeric for our curries, smoothies, fish and meat dishes

Turmeric for our curries, smoothies, fish and meat dishes; important for quelling inflammation after hours of weedwhacking