My main challenge is the personal quest to keep my family carb craving under control.  This is truly the biggest hurdle of the week… We love everything local, we eat our eggs, greens, taro, sweet potatoes, fruits, local cheeses, chicken and pork with relish (or sauerkraut actually); but we also get that irrepressible urge for something SWEET and substantive, which could be a quick bowl of organic cereal and rice milk, or bite of organic local dark chocolate, or slice of homemade gluten-free banana bread.

Orange-themed breakfast; papaya, eggs cooked in local ghee with herbs, kubota squash with Molokai100% Hawaiian salt

Orange-themed breakfast; papaya, eggs cooked in local ghee with herbs (garlic chives, basil and dill), kubota squash with Molokai100% Hawaiian salt

This morning I made eggs and fruit and, in an attempt to satisfy that carb craving, steamed some kubota squash.  It seems to have worked!  Oh also 100% Hamakua dark coffee with ground nutmeg and allspice, since bits were left in the coffee grinder, also from the neighbor that I bought the coffee from.

I am also experimenting with making flour.  I had some coconut flakes in the freezer and placed those on a cookie sheet in a low oven to dry.  I also have some cooked taro in the fridge (lots and lots, that’s one thing I did to prepare for the week) that is on the firm side, and I grated it and put it, too in the oven – I think a food dehydrator would have worked better, but with today’s downpour there’s no way I can use the electric power the dehydrator takes (we are off-grid).

IF that works, I’ll pulverize the taro flakes in the blender, make a blend of the coconut and taro flours, and experiment with cookies and crepes.

Lunch will be a salad with cucumbers, tomatoes, scallions and feta, plus patties made of leftover taro-sweet potato- greens.  I bought some mac nut oil for frying those.

Dinner will be chicken, more of the kubota squash, and local broccoli.

Dessert/munchies plan is to combine coconut flakes, mac nut butter, cacao nibs, chopped up mac nuts, and a little cane syrup, form into balls and freeze them.

Phew that sounds like plenty of food, right?  Right…

11:00 update – the rain is coming down steadily, making it easy to be inside cooking today.  I just put together that dessert/munchie described above and put the balls in the freezer.  I think they are going to be amazing…  here’s what I did.

With ingredients like these, how can you go wrong?

With ingredients like these, how can you go wrong?

Mac Nut- Coco Loco Balls

1/4 cup Mac Nut Butter

1/2 cup coconut flakes, chunky

1/4 cup coconut flakes, fine

1 T freshly ground cacao nibs (we grew and fermented)

1 T cane syrup + 1 T cane syrup crystals

1/4 c. chopped mac nuts

pinch Hawaiian sea salt

pinch freshly ground local cloves and nutmeg


I ground up the coarser coconut flakes

... to make a finer flake for coating the outside of the balls

… to make a finer flake for coating the outside of the balls


We press our own sugar cane and make syrup, and occasionally it crystallizes in the jar – in this case, quite a lot, giving us a coarse sugar crystal.


Mixed all the ingredients together… added some liquid cane syrup as well as the crystals…


Added some finer and some coarser coconut flakes… just making this up as I went along


With slightly wet hands, formed balls and rolled in the finer coconut flakes and set them on a cookie sheet.

Ready to go into freezer

Ready to go into the freezer