We’re launching a campaign to get our chocolate-making production underway. The link is gofundme.com/ybvr5ugc .  Here is some more detail on the two higher reward levels.


CACAO TREE – $150 

miyukiFor this level of donation, in addition to the goodies from the earlier levels, you will get a beautiful screen-printed or batik original t-shirt made by Miyuki, an artist living on Kulike Farm (that’s her  to the right).  The shirts will have a print of orange and red cacao pods drawn by Miyuki, and will say “Hakalau Chocolate.”  They are guaranteed to be beautiful!   You need to let us know what size you are.  We will offer shirts made of organic cotton or bamboo.


WWOOFers (farm helpers) helping us winnow


($500+ Depending on length of stay) Starting at a donation of $500 for three days, and open to discussing a full week, we offer our donators to stay in a simple cabin with us during next year’s cacao processing season,  January through April in 2017.

 Activities will include:  Help with several stages of chocolate-making process – picking, opening pods, preparing for fermentation, drying, cracking, winnowing.  Make your own chocolate bars.   Taste a fresh pod and the juice that is excess from preparing pods for fermentation.  Take a personal tour of the farm, learning permaculture methods employed.


 Depending on interest, participate in other farm activities such as harvesting bananas, taro, perennial greens, and vegetables, and learn to prepare these foods.  Make sugar cane lemonade from scratch – cut and press fresh sugar cane juice and lemons.  Swim in the beautiful waterfall pool (see picture below) reached by walking down a stone path through a bamboo grove.


 Farm fruits and the best eggs you’ve ever tasted will be provided, but beyond that you will be responsible for your own food; the cabin comes with a full kitchen. The toilet is a short walk from cabin. Toilet and shower are shared with other guests or workers.  You are responsible for your own transportation (ie renting a car,  we are too remote for bus).

Nearby attractions include botanic gardens, zip lines, waterfalls, beaches, farmer’s markets.  Make this your perch to explore the Big Island – Volcano National Park is an hour away, and sunny, sandy Kona beaches just over an hour.