Couple reasons.  There’s the “end of the world as we know it” reason, which goes something like this:  What if all the garbage we do to this earth and each other comes crashing down and, like a bee colony, we suffer collapse disorder from multiple stresses and can no longer rely on commerce, energy, and transportation to keep us alive?  We better learn how to take care of ourselves without relying on oil and banks and government-subsidized crops.  That’s motivation to both learn how to feed ourselves and share that information.

Another big reason, increasingly for my family, is that our whole food supply is becoming hazardous and nearly inedible to many people.  My kids can’t buy packaged food, personal care products, or pharmaceuticals because of sensitivities to corn, wheat, soy and dairy.  I suspect genetic modification is what’s screwing up their ability to eat and use these basic foods.

So,  providing a place where we grow our own food and live comfortably without reliance on outside sources of power and water makes a lot of practical sense.

Also, it’s fun. Scrounging around for free food falling from trees and growing wild on bushes or discovering a tree full of fruit is my happiest occupation. I love to garden, I love to forage, I love to cook, I love to feed people.

HUMBLENESS NOTE:  I am new to Hawaii.  I am not Hawaiian at all.  I was not raised by aunties and uncles to teach me about living here, the aloha ‘aina (love of land) of Hawaii.  I will embarrass myself by saying obvious things, using words incorrectly, getting excited about “discoveries” that have long been known, basically being an inappropriate intruder.  Still I think when someone is new to something and excited about it, it is fun to learn along with them.  So please correct me and add to what I have written, lots!  Mahalo!


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